April 5th Anouncement:

This is a call to help fill in all the NieR:Automata related pages and report any mismatching styles, false information or improvements that can be made! There are template pages below and It might be hard to figure out what needs doing, so don't be afraid to ask around! This is also your chance to discuss any style changes to be approved with staff, for readability, style and consistency. Thanks for your time.

Let's make a goal to try and expand upon the following sections:

- Enemies

- Chapters

- Weapons

- Quests

In order to keep a uniform style for easy reading and editing. Please refer to example pages listed below. If there are any questions or updates (or improvments) to the style guide you want to suggest please contact an admin. We have done our best to create a good-looking yet readable and informative style so please follow it.

These template pages are just a guide, as long as the information, style and image format match up feel free to create your own for new caterogries of pages.

For the easiest and most consistent way to create/update pages, simply navigate to an example page, click 'edit' then, if you are in the visual editor, switch to source mode. Press Ctrl+A within the source editor to highlight all and then Ctrl+C to copy. Make sure to close without saving afterward. Create your new page, navigate to source again and Ctrl+V to paste the code. Now simply edit, add or remove any information as neccesarry! If you click 'apply' you can switch back to the visual editor for easier use.

Be sure to sign in to wikia so we can recognize regular contributors! You can find this guide again on the home page for future reference.

*note - this guide only applies to NieR: Automata pages, if you want to contribute to older NIER pages, please follow the existing style if possible, these pages are older and have not been updated so inconsistency may occur.