"Invictus" is an Unofficial Original NieR Song created by Edwar Changwai. It was first released to the public on Youtube on the 3rd of December 2019.

Invictus was composed by EDKUN (Edwar Changwai) in conjunction with Udana. Invictus was inspired by the NieR role playing game soundtrack developed by Cavia and published by Square Enix. It is part of the Album "The Beginning of the End" which will be released officially in early March 2020.

It‘s a song which is sung to encourage YoRHA units into battle, and proceeds the fight scene between the YorHA's 2B, 9S & the two Humanoid Machines: Adam and Eve.


Edkun pose 1 preview
Nier Automata OST- Invictus -Original Song- by EDKUN

Nier Automata OST- Invictus -Original Song- by EDKUN

4E is an "executioner" type YorHA capable of executing his foes. Less swift and nimble compared to assassin type, but still as deadly. 4E prides himself on strength and the ability to crush his enemies. There is nothing graceful about his manner or fighting style. He tends to end enemies swiftly just as they came. 4E specifically is an android model that will continue fighting relentlessly, even if his arms are severed. He is portrayed as a silver - black haired YorHA unit, without a blindfold, signifying his enlightenment to the truth which others are still blind to. He bears heavy armour with intricate design that is both hard and durable, yet light for combat. He wields nothing short of a great sword and is skilled in swordplay and hand to hand combat.
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