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NieR Reincarnation, stylized as NieR Re[in]carnation, was a free-to-play mobile game supported by microtransactions and marks one of the many projects commemorating the tenth anniversary of the NieR series. It was first announced during the March 29, 2020 Niconico livestream along with NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139....[3]

Kazuma Koda was the main concept artist (Replicant v1.22) while Akihiko Yoshida was the main character designer (NieR:Automata).

Reincarnation released in Japan on February 18, 2021, and globally on July 28, 2021. The game's scheduled end of service date was April 29, 2024.[2]


Reincarnation takes place in an area simply known as "The Cage" (檻)—a series of intertwined towers and dungeons, sometime in the far future. A girl awakens on a stone floor with no voice and no memories, and is greeted by a strange being calling itself Mama. In order to restore what she has lost and to redeem herself from a past sin, the girl and Mama travel to reawaken fragments of a forgotten world.[4]

The first arc, The Girl and the Monster, follows the Girl of Light and the Dark Monster.

The second arc, The Sun and the Moon, follows high school students Hina Akagi and Yuzuki Kurezome.

The third arc, The People and the World, brings together all characters of The Cage and follows their return to Earth with the help of a dedicated YoRHa unit and her Pod.


Variations of characters and weapons can be unlocked through the in-game gacha system.

Main Characters

Name Description Voice
Fio Icon Girl of Light


A kind, amnesic girl who awakens within The Cage. Suffers from mysterious nightmares every night. [JP] Rika Nagae

[EN] Cassandra Lee Morris

Mama Icon Mama The Girl of Light's companion. Mother figure who appears to be familiar with The Cage. [JP] Yumi Hara

[EN] Emily O'Brien

Levania Icon Dark Monster


A being that appears to be a black armored knight with insect-like traits. Driven by unknown motives. [JP] Motoyuki Kawahara

[EN] Jason Nuzzo

Carrier Icon Carrier The Dark Monster's companion. While he has a similar shape to Mama, his personality and appearance are different. [JP] Ichitaro Ai

[EN] Ian James Corlett

Hina Icon Hina Akagi

明城 陽那

A high school honor student that was transported into The Cage. [JP] Kana Ichinose

[EN] Allegra Clark

Papa Icon Papa Hina's companion. Father figure who appears to be familiar with The Cage. While he has a similar shape to Mama, his personality is different. [JP] Masaki Terasoma

[EN] Lloyd Sherr

Yuzuki Icon Yuzuki Kurezome

暮染 佑月

An ordinary high school student that was transported into The Cage. [JP] Kōki Uchiyama

[EN] Aleks Le

Dark Mama and Babe Icon Dark Mama and Babe Yuzuki's companions. A mother figure and her child who appear to be familiar with The Cage. While Dark Mama has a similar shape to Mama, her personality and appearance are different. [JP] Yui Horie and Ryōta Takeuchi

[EN] Erin Yvette and Keith Silverstein

YoRHa No.10 Type H Icon Savior


A YoRHa healer-type android tasked with protecting the server containing humanity's data on the Moon. [JP] Shion Wakayama

[EN] N/A

Pod 006 Icon Pod 006 10H's companion. Hides an important secret about the fate of humanity. [JP] Yumi Hara

[EN] N/A

Her Icon Her The lone Administrator watching over Earth. [JP] Yui Ishikawa

[EN] N/A

Memory Characters

Name Description Voice
Rion Icon Exile


A gentle and wise vagrant who travels with a mechanical Clockwork Soldier. He travels from country to country to fulfill a particular oath. [JP] Junko Minagawa

[EN] Zeno Robinson

Gayle Icon Hunter


A recluse hunter who hails from a forest country. Her prosthetic arm and leg carry a tale of profound anger and sorrow. [JP] Ayaka Fukuhara

[EN] Dana Powers

Dimos Icon Gunman


An ancient warrior found slumbering underneath castle ruins. Thanks to the Wanderer, his dormant will is activated once more. [JP] Takuya Satou

[EN] Alejandro Saab

Akeha Icon Assassin


A talented member of a renowned assassin's guild. She has the favor of its current leader, to whom she is deeply loyal. [JP] Eri Kitamura

[EN] Laura Post

Argo Icon Traveler


An adventurer who has conquered many famous peaks. Throws himself head-first into danger with no regard for the family he leaves behind. [JP] Kazuhiro Yamaji

[EN] Andrew Morgado

063y Icon Prisoner


A quiet man who is forced to fight alongside his wife against monstrous flowers who claimed the life of their son. Lives for revenge. [JP] Kenyū Horiuchi

[EN] Emerson Brooks

F66x Icon Captive


A kind, calm woman who is forced to fight alongside her husband against monstrous flowers who claimed the life of their son. [JP] Satomi Satō

[EN] Suzie Yeung

Lars Icon Soldier


A boy involved in an endless war since he was a child. More than anything wants to become strong and exact revenge as a soldier. [JP] Kenshō Ono

[EN] Griffin Puatu

Griff Icon Captain


A young man who leads a unit as a captain. Is called a coward by his comrades in arms due to his fearful personality. [JP] Shirai Yūsuke

[EN] Conrad Haynes

Noelle Icon Weapon


A girl who awakens in a collapsed research facility. Not knowing who or where she is, she wanders forward following a voice in her head. [JP] Yukana

[EN] Faye Mata

Saryu Icon Witch


A young girl who's started her education in a wizarding school to become a full-fledged witch. [JP] Himika Akaneya

[EN] Alejandra Reynoso

Priyet Icon Werebeast


A strange beast clothed in a white sheet. Wishes to become human. [JP] Hitomi Ōwada

[EN] Tessa Netting

Marie Icon Songstress


A young singer who does virtual performances amidst an unending war. [JP] Azusa Tadokoro

[EN] Baraka May

Yurie Icon Ruler


An artificial intelligence that leads a scientifically advanced country. [JP] Haruka Tomatsu

[EN] Dawn Bennett

Yudil Icon Boor


A young sailor who lives as he pleases. Hates when people try and take what's his. [JP] Ryōhei Kimura

[EN] Kaiji Tang

Sarafa Icon Belle


A princess who disguises as a fortune teller in the night to escape her daily routine. [JP] Chika Anzai

[EN] Anairis Quiñones

Event Characters

These characters are crossover characters from other games obtainable through limited time events.

Name Description Voice
2B (Reincarnation) Icon Battler


A standard YoRHa combat android. This model uses swords to engage machine lifeforms at close range. Relatively cool and collected. [JP] Yui Ishikawa

[EN] Kira Buckland

9S (Reincarnation) Icon Scanner


A YoRHa scanner-type android. Scanners specialize in survey missions, and can gather information and intel via hacking. [JP] Natsuki Hanae

[EN] Kyle McCarley

A2 (Reincarnation) Icon Attacker


An attacker-type android that deserted YoRHa. Mainly specializes in close-quarters combat. [JP] Ayaka Suwa

[EN] Cherami Leigh

2P (Reincarnation) Icon Mock Machine


A machine copy of 2B. [JP] Yui Ishikawa

[EN] Kira Buckland

The World-Ender Icon Lad

The World-Ender
(NieR Replicant)

A young man on a journey to save his sister, Yonah. He cares deeply for his friends and would do anything to save those he cherishes. [JP] Kōji Yusa

[EN] Ray Chase

Kainé (Reincarnation) Icon Warrior

(NieR Replicant)

A silver-haired woman who lives in a remote village called The Aerie. The left side of her body is possessed by a Shade. [JP] Atsuko Tanaka

[EN] Laura Bailey

Emil (Reincarnation) Icon Oddity

(NieR Replicant)

A strange creature that looks like a floating skeleton. He used to be a handsome young boy who lived in a manor. [JP] Mai Kadowaki

[EN] Julie Ann Taylor

Zero (Reincarnation) Icon Sister

(Drakengard 3)

A beautiful white-haired woman with a flower growing from her eye. Her elegant appearance hides superhuman power and violent temper. An Intoner. [JP] Maaya Uchida

[EN] Tara Platt

Joker Icon Rebel

(Persona 5 Royal)

[JP] Jun Fukuyama

[EN] N/A

Queen Icon Priestess

(Persona 5 Royal)

[JP] Rina Satō

[EN] N/A

Fox Icon Emperor

(Persona 5 Royal)

[JP] Tomokazu Sugita

[EN] N/A

Crow Icon Justice

(Persona 5 Royal)

[JP] Sōichirō Hoshi

[EN] N/A


Gameplay is broken up into three main categories: exploration within the 3D environment of The Cage, 2D story quests that are explored with memory characters, and a 3D battle system.

World exploration is similar to other mobile games; tap or hold on the touch screen to move and tap to interact with various objects. The Cage is linear, the player character's objective being restoring memories within "Dark Scarecrows," black statues that block the player's path. While wandering, character dialogue may occur, and there are collectables that can be found in the forms of black birds and white orbs. In-game cinematics retain the letter box effect from previous titles.

2D story quests and certain pre-rendered cutscenes have a 2D style reminiscent of Automata's picture books.

Battles can be manual or automated. Its visual set up resembles many JRPG games, with player characters and enemies lined in parallel rows on the screen. Fast-forward and skip functions are also included.

Players can assemble an up to three-man party whose actions are dictated by cool down timers. Characters may attack, use a unique character skill, or use a skill from their currently equipped weapon. Each character has their own stats and health points, which can be customized by equipment earned through the story or gacha. Strategy is reliant on the player's command input timing and the player characters' equipment setup, represented by an in-game power level called force. There is also an element system that factors in resistances and weaknesses. Additional support can come from Companions, tiny creatures that can be individually leveled up from the main party. Each Companion has distinct buffs and effects that may be used only once per battle. They must be equipped on a character prior to combat.

Individual character equipment includes their main weapon, two sub weapons, three Memoirs, and one Companion, assembled in the game's Loadout menu. Auto-building is available. Each character specializes in a unique weapon type, but can also equip non-compatible weapons.

Characters, weapons and other equipment can be leveled up from the game's Enhance menu. New characters and weapons can be obtained from quests, in-game events, and the gacha system.


Exploration is a set of two minigames that can be played to regain stamina, found under the Quests menu. It can be played once for free every eight hours or paid for with an Explorer's Ticket. Both minigames are played by Mama.


A shoot 'em up Exploration minigame resembling games such as Space Invaders and Asteroids, similar to the shmup sections found in NieR:Automata. The player must avoid magic orbs also seen in many Automata and NieR boss fights. Score is determined by how many enemies are defeated within the time limit.

Flying Mama

An Exploration minigame resembling Flappy Bird. Score is determined by distance traveled as well as collectable coins obtained within the time limit. Other items, including Emil heads, can be collected to move faster and gain invincibility for a short time.


The Arena is a separate mode where a three-person party can be assembled to face other player's teams for rewards.

Subjugation Battles

Subjugation Battles are a separate mode where a nine-person party can be assembled to face off against large bosses dubbed "Cursed Gods". Battles are fought in three waves with three of the nine characters in each wave, with score based on total damage and other various bonuses.

Side Stories

By playing the game, you unlock different side stories connected to the characters and in-game lore.

  • Character Stories: Learn more about the characters through short anecdotes. Unlocked by ranking up with each character.
  • EX Character Stories: Backstories or afterstories for memory characters. Unlocked by evolving each character's dark weapon.
  • Event Stories (Records): Limited-time events with stories revolving around specific characters.
  • Card Stories: Time-limited short texts unlocked by completing specified quests (panel missions).
  • Hidden Stories: Excerpts based on the characters ranging from trivial lore to short stories. Unlocked by doing specified quests found on the map.

The World of Nier

A series of entries detailing NieR history released during NieR Reincarnation's launch.

WorldofNier 1

The World of NieR ①: 2003 A.D.

A white giant and a red dragon suddenly appear in Shinjuku. After they battle, an unknown particle called Maso causes a strange disease to ravage the area.[5]

WorldofNier 2

The World of NieR ②: 2016 A.D.

As the infected grow violent, countries around the world strengthen their militaries in response to the threat. Meanwhile, a Japanese research facility begins to study Maso, as well as possible weapons based off it.[6]

WorldofNier 3

The World of NieR ③: 2053 A.D.

Project Gestalt is launched to combat the disease. Human souls are separated from their bodies, but soon thereafter grow unstable, run amok, and perish. Despite this, a stable consciousness is eventually found that allows the project to proceed.[7]

WorldofNier 4

The World of NieR ④: 3470 A.D.

The original Gestalt dies.

Project Gestalt fails.[8]

WorldofNier 5

The World of NieR ⑤: 11937 A.D.

Unidentified objects emerge from outer space and begin deploying weapons known as machine lifeforms. The androids now living on Earth retreat to a space station known as the Bunker and begin work on a line of combat androids called YoRHa.[9]

WorldofNier 6

The World of NieR ⑥: 11941 A.D.

The first combat operation is carried out by the experimental YoRHa units. Ultimately, all but one of the sixteen units are destroyed in battle.[10]

WorldofNier 7

The World of NieR ⑦: 11945 A.D.

Despite the fall of the Bunker, the android army successfully destroys a large-scale machine lifeform facility, and the 14th Machine War comes to an end.[11]

WorldofNier 8

The World of NieR ⑧: [YEAR REDACTED]

The existence of a space containing endless rows of massive structures is confirmed. Information on the precise location and temporal axis of this space, now known as The Cage, is not made public.[12]


Reincarnation was written by Yoko Taro and Saito Yosuke. Saito remarked that this NieR entry will be "story heavy" with more text than other social games in the market. Yoko remarked that it's tied to its predecessors, yet is "definitely its own title, not a spin-off of Gestalt/Replicant or Automata." As the story unfolds, its ties to NieR will become more apparent.[13]

In response to fans being uneasy about playing a new series entry on smartphones, Yoko commented that it's his aspiration to have this title appeal to anyone who likes smartphone games, not just NieR fans. Saito chimed his hopes that "Yoko World" and NieR fans will appreciate this new entry. They plan to keep the story alive with ongoing updates, so long as game sales allow.

When asked if Reincarnation will share any ties to SINoALICE, Yoko stated that the only similarities they share is the gacha found in social games as a whole.[14]

Saito and Yoko have faith that the young, active team of developers will surprise players; the "elders' roles" aren't as involved as older titles. Continuing his ongoing joke in interviews of Yoko disdaining "good looking, popular guys," he notes it's impossible for him to get along with Applibot's director.

Koda noted that stone-built and unified towers form the world's aesthetic. His goal is to capture a particular ethnic theme for the setting, which was censored by Dengeki post interview.

Okabe composed a new soundtrack. Out of the decade or so working with his colleague, Yoko particularly praised him for Reincarnation's main theme. Keeping in tone with Yoko's requests to include a feeling close to NieR with vocals in the songs, Okabe also played around with several music genres. He hopes to leave listeners with a different resonance than previous entries.


  • Reincarnation takes place after NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... Ending E.
    • Sotaro Hiroe stated that if one were to connect NieR:Automata and Reincarnation, it would be connected through Ending E.[15]
  • According to Yoko's commentary, he stated "to begin with, I don't think you can even call it a RPG," and "we tried to do our own thing with the gacha, but thinking about it now, it's a gacha that's pretty much like Puzzle & Dragons."
  • NieR Reincarnation was awarded "Best Game Changers" by Google Play's Best Of 2021 in multiple regions.[16]




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  1. Sarafa was in the initial sketch, but is missing in the final artwork.
  2. The English translation of this comic is incorrect as it accidentally duplicates dialogue in the third panel. The Japanese version proceeds it for posterity.


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