NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... (ニーア レプリカント ver.1.22474487139...), officially abbreviated as NieR Replicant v1.22, is a remake of NieR RepliCant that was first announced during the Nier tenth anniversary NicoNico livestream on March 29, 2020 along with NieR Reincarnation.

The game will be a collaboration between developer Toylogic and Square Enix. It marks the first global release of RepliCant, which was exclusive to the Japanese PS3 version.

Kazuma Koda, who previously did key visuals for Butai YorHa and concert pamphlets, did the concept art for Replicant v1.22.

Developer Commentary

Yousuke Saito, the series producer, clarified in the earliest introduction that this game "is not a remake or a remaster. It's a version up." Hence, the new subtitle. It is being made to celebrate the series's tenth anniversary.

According to his remarks in the May 21 Dengeki Online interview, Yoko claims to not remember why they chose the subtitle. The chains around Grimoire Weiss within the logo represents the curses within the Nier universe that "remain even a decade later."

Toylogic was approached due to Saito's experience working with them on Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI. Many developers of those teams formerly worked on RepliCant, so Saito asked them to join its version up. Another reason is currently a pre-release secret.

Taura remarked that he considers himself more of an advisor to the development process. It's an ongoing joke in interviews that Yoko disdains "good looking, popular guys" like Taura and finds it impossible to get along with them. Saito clarifies that Taura's involvement is an effort to bring new talent to the table.

Yoko commented that the game's battle system "must appeal to Automata fans." Yet he doesn't want to lose RepliCant's charm either. His goal is for a revised take that will appeal to fans of both titles.

Koda was nervous to have his artwork being used in a main entry within the series since his previous experience was for promotional media. He tried his best to preserve the original title's mood and tones while updating them to follow modern conventions. He is relieved and grateful to read fans' positive online reactions to his artwork.

Original character designer D.K. will not return to the project due to returning to his home country, yet he cheers for the version up on social media. In the spirit of asking if there will be new characters, there are no direct answers yet.

When asked if that "version up" means there will be another ending to the original game's scenario, Saito didn't know on the spot. Yoko stated that he didn't want to betray fans' expectations with any confirmation and wants to keep it free to interpretation.


Revisions and additions have been vaguely teased by Saito ("There's so many things."), yet these are the ones with specific information.

  • Fully voiced dialogue. Rerecording previous dialogue allowed voice actors to have more nuance in their deliveries.
  • Grimoire Weiss is recast to Hiroki Yasumoto (Pod 042).
  • Voiced roles for Yui Ishikawa (2B) and Natsuki Hanae (9S) have been hinted to appear in this game.
  • Complete rearranged soundtrack by Keiichi Okabe. New songs will be included. Returning songs have compositions that differ from previous arrangements found in albums and concert performances. Emil's Song will have a revised chorus section.
  • Areas already familiar to players have greater sense of scope and exploration.
  • Weapon stories have been expanded.
  • New scenarios are added. In Yoko's words, "It's like adding toppings to the world's best ramen." These include,
  • A new Story scenario
  • Links that tie in to Nier: Automata
  • A new powerful boss
  • Father Nier content (Unknown what it is)
  • All cut content from the original is present
  • A new Character named Louise


  • The number 1.22474487139 is the approximation of the square root of 1.5.


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