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The outside of the house.

Nier's home houses Nier and Yonah. It is the only other major building outside of the town square. The house is two stories tall, with Nier's bed on the first floor, and Yonah's bed on the second floor. Items and gold can commonly be found scattered throughout as the story progresses. Yonah is found here in the first half of the game, as her sickness forces her to stay indoors. There is a mailbox at the entrance to the house, that sometimes has letters from Yonah, Emil, Gideon, or the King of Facade.

It is found on the hill to the right of the library.

Their yard has a small area for gardening (which can be expanded by helping the lady in town that owns the seeds store), with a lake that sometimes has white flowers floating in it.


Imginfo-iconThe inside of the home's first floor.
Imginfo-iconThe garden.