In The World of Recycled Vessel, the player is presented with passages from Nier's Wife's Diary.


This is the world of the recycled vessel, created to avoid the destruction of all.

The Black Scrawl. A lost destiny. A white book. A false truth.

A soldier of salt calling forth white death. He is Legion, the man who plunged the world into darkness.

The dragon's corpse brought death to the world, delivering unto it the power of the devil.

The black sickness stains the future. They journey to return to soulless vessels.

The apocalypse divided the world in two; one that knows not day, and one which has never seen the night.

Black, and white. Thirteen pacts. The vessels' forms waver as they cross time and space.

The song of man has drowned out. In it's place, the scream of something inhuman.

The sky falls with the dragon. The world ends this day.

The puppet priest collects the accursed prayers and polishes the vessel.

As long as this memory exists, as long as mankind still has hope, a bloody battle will be waged over the holy domain of the body.

Foolish human. Foolish human. Foolish human. Foolish vessel.

All is paid. All is sacrifice.

Do not bring back the light. Do not bring back the vessel. Do not bring back the future. Do not bring it back.

Every beam of light is an invitation to death.


  • The dragon referenced in the diary is Angelus from Drakengard.
  • The Legion referenced in the diary may allude to the Red Eye Disease perpetuating itself in the Drakengard series. This could also allude to the Logic Virus afflicting androids in NieR: Automata.
  • In the diary, Nier's wife outlines the basis for the events surrounding NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt, that the replicants would eventually gain their own sense of identity and the Gestalts would be denied their real bodies, leading inevitably to conflict.
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