No.6 cutscene 2

Emil and Number 6.

Number 6, otherwise known as No.6, is a boss in NIER. She is a mutated Halua, and thus, Emil's sister.



No.6 cutscene

Back when Emil and Halua were still young children, they were experimented on in order to make the ultimate weapon. The mansion was used as a front, while there were secret underground labs under the building. After excessive experimenting, Halua was transformed into Number 6, a skeletal monster, while Emil gained petrification powers and was dubbed Number 7. Number 6 went mad, however, and had to be chained and bolted to a wall to stop it destroying the mansion.

Emil and Nier, searching for a way to cure Kainé's petrification, find Number 6 in the underground labs. They fight the monster, and Emil absorbs it, gaining its powers but also its skeletal appearance.

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