P-33 (nicknamed "Beepy") is a giant robot that was guarding the Junk Heap. He became friends with the young Shade named Kalil, who affectionately nicknamed the robot.


"Must protect... Must fight..."
― P-33 while battling Nier.

It is shown on subsequent playthroughs that P-33 was a military robot programmed to stop intruders in the robot factory. Upon finding Kalil, his first intention was to destroy him, but he reconsidered after learning of Kalil's situation and vowed to protect him. Over the years Kalil and P-33 became good friends. Kalil taught him many things about the outside world and soon the two decided that it may be fun to finally venture out of the Junk Heap and explore the world. It is at this time that Nier and party arrive and promptly destroy them, mistakenly believing that they are the murderers of Gideon's brother, Jakob.

P-33 makes an appearance in the novella written by Yoko Taro called The Fire of Prometheus, which was published in the DOD3 Complete Guide[1]. Apparently surviving his encounter with Nier, it recounts how P-33 gained massive intelligence and then broke free from the Junk Heap, launching himself into space. As he was leaving, he saw the aliens' machines fighting an endless war. He decided to give them the gift of intelligence. This is further referenced in Spirit of Fire, a Picture Book that can be found in-game in the Intel section.


  • According to P-33, his creator died 874 years, 10 months, 14 days, 4 hours, and 43 minutes before meeting Kalil.
  • The "P" is meant to reference the main protagonist Pinocchio from The Adventures of Pinocchio.[2]
  • P-33 is mentioned in NieR:Automata, when playing as 9S and visiting the Abandoned Factory. It is stated that P-33s were manufactured there.