Phoenix Spear is a weapon in NieR RepliCant, NieR Gestalt, and NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139.... It appears as the Phoenix Lance in NieR:Automata.

The weapon is part of a set, along with the Phoenix Sword and the Phoenix Dagger.


Forged by monks from feathers of the legendary firebird, this spear was designed as a tool of self-defense.


  • Purchased from the Blacksmith in Facade for 32,400 Gold.

Weapon Story

There once was a warrior in a frontier nation who feared not death.

He was so brawny and powerful, arrows were said to bounce harmlessly off his flesh. For this reason, the warrior always threw himself into the thick of any battle.

One day, a beautiful bird appeared before the warrior in a dream.

The bird commended the warrior for his valor in battle and offered to grant him one of two wishes: The bird could bring an end to war and grant peace to all the world, or the bird could bequeath the warrior an immortal body.

The warrior chose immortality.

From that day forth, the warrior's exploits were nothing short of astonishing. He mowed down foes in uncountable numbers; no amount of arrows or swords or axes could slow his march. The king showered him with titles and gifts, and for a time, it seemed the warrior's days of stunning glory would continue until the end of time.

But conflict did not cease. Eventually, the warrior's frontier nation was invaded so often that the flames of war left the entire country in ruins. Crops withered. People perished. And before long, there were none left who even knew the warrior's name.

The shattered warrior was tortured day and night by endless starvation, but his body refused to let him die. So he sought out the bird again and pleaded for it to grant him release.

"Ah, but you cannot die," chirped the bird in response. "You will never die."

In a country near the border, there was a warrior who did not fear death. His formidable body was so sturdy that even arrows could not seem to pierce him. Because of that, the warrior constantly threw himself in the midst of the battlefield.

Once, a beautiful bird appeared in the warrior's dreams. The bird praised the brave and fierce warrior, and whispered to him that it could fulfill one of two wishes - "end the war and make the world into a peaceful one" or "for him to attain immortality". The warrior chose "immortality".

Ever since then, the warrior in battle became a sight to behold. He cut down enemies like grass, and no matter how many arrows have been shot at him, no matter how many swords he's been showered in, he remained perfectly fine and continued to cut open a path in the enemies. The king bestowed numerous titles and praise upon the warrior, and the warrior thought that his glorious days will continue until the ends of time.

However the war did not end, and the border country eventually came to destruction. The flames of battle expanded and wrought devastation to nearby areas. Trees and grass withered; the people died out, and eventually there was no one who knew of the warrior anymore. No matter how much he starved himself, the warrior could not die. He dreamt of the beautiful bird again. He begged to die, but the bird answered that he couldn't. It told the warrior that he could never die, no matter what.


  • This is the strongest non-upgraded weapon and the strongest spear in the original release. Its strength is surpassed by a number of Two-Handed Swords when fully upgraded, and by Virtuous Dignity in ver.1.22... if the 4 YoRHa DLC is installed.

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