Pod Programs are special skills that can be used in NieR:Automata. Many of the skills function similarly to Sealed Verses from NieR, though instead of having a magic meter, a cooldown occurs after each use of a skill.

Two of the programs, "Laser" and "Scanner", are obtained during the main storyline. The rest of them are either purchased from Maintenance shops, awarded for completing side quests or collected from deceased YoRHa members on Route C/D.

Skill Charge Edit

Once you obtain at least one additional Pod, you will be able to charge all of the programs except A170: Scanner by holding down the "Pod Program" button. Charging a program orders your Pods to execute it simultaneously, drastically increasing its efficiency and proportionally extending cooldown time. This cooldown will be applied to all Pods used in the program, not just the one currently equipped.

List of Skills Edit

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