The Red Girls (also known as N2) are a Unit in NieR: Automata and serve as the instigators of the game's events.

Description Edit

Official name: "Terminal Alpha and Beta." A program projected by the network server of the machine lifeforms. The self-evolution program installed by the Pods eventually fractured its ego, causing the various aspects of its personality to turn on each other.

Location Edit

  • Ending B
  • Tower (Ending C / D)

Notes Edit

  • The Red Girl will multiply as the encounter continues, attempting to overrun the player with sheer numbers.
  • While these units can be killed using normal methods, the only way to destroy them permanently is to allow the Pods to 'fracture its ego'. This is done by not killing the programs and simply waiting.
  • The only attacks this unit uses are slow energy projectiles however these quickly become a problem once the program starts to multiply itself.
  • Due to its gender, hairstyle and the color of clothing, as well as the tendency to shift from two female voices to a single booming male voice, the Red Girls may have some relationship to the character Manah and her ancestors the Intoners from the Drakengard franchise.