The Resistance Camp is a Location in NieR:Automata. It is the main hub for the player, where they can interact with NPC's, obtain quests, buy and sell gear at vendors and obtain information.

Location Edit

The camp entrance is located near the edge of the City Ruins, however there is a transporter located inside the camp itself for fast travel. There are fences set up in a defense position and the camp itself is hidden in a clearing behind some old buildings. The camp itself is actually quite large and extends back to reveal homes and storage facilities.

Services Edit

Resistance Camp Anemone
The Resistance Camp leader, Anemone provides vital mission reports and sidequests. You can access the terminal behind her as A2. This contains 3 novels titled Anemone: Encounter, Anemone: Understanding and Anemone: Separation.

Resistance Camp Storage
Appearing after the Tower emerges, they sell unique Plug-in Chips and 2 weapons. The Type-3 Sword and Type-3 Blade.

Resistance Camp Weapons Trader
After completing a side-mission to repair his broken tools, this Weapons Dealer sells: Beastbane, Ancient Overlord and Beastlord and can upgrade any existing weapons to level 3 if the player has the right materials.

Resistance Camp Supply Trader
Selling some Recovery Items and basic Plug-in Chips. As with all merchants selling plug-in chips, they are always at the highest storage cost possible for their level. His inventory gradually expands on repeat playthroughs.

Resistance Camp Resistance Shop
This woman sells Pod Programs and storage upgrades, allows upgrading of Pod weapons with the right materials, and can be used to to fuse Plug-in Chips up to level 6.

Resistance Camp Strange Woman
Offers tutorial advice. After route C/D is complete, she will become a merchant selling any remaining Achievements or Trophies: buying one of these will actually award it to the player.

Resistance Camp Strange Man
The Resistance Man can offer tutorial lessons and important information for the player.

Resistance Camp Jukebox
You can use the jukebox to play various records obtained throughout the game. A bench nearby can be used to have the player character sit and listen: the Jukebox automatically switches off if the character moves away from it.

Resistance Camp Storage
This location is used for the puzzle-based quest Sorting Trouble.

Resistance Camp Chest
Requiring 9S to unlock, you can hack this container and acquire the Type-4O Fists.

After spending some time in the camp, 2B and 9S are offered this home to rest in. Healing them both and saving the game.

Notes Edit

  • The people residing at the camp change depending on the chapter and events that have taken place.

Trivia Edit

  • The Supply Trader who refuses to replace his damaged leg because it is his only remaining original component is a reference to a thought experiment called the Ship of Theseus: the question in both cases is whether the gradual replacement of every part of something eventually causes it to cease to be the original thing, and if so, at what point this occurs.
  • For unclear reasons, a number of WW2-era German StG-44 assault rifles can be found lying around the camp, along with intact versions of the Broken Firearm rocket launcher caught by fishing. They cannot be used and are simply decoration.


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