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SPOILER ALERT - Plot details for NieR follow.

Roc is a boss in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER). He was a wolf Shade, and the pack leader of the desert wolves. He used to be an ordinary wolf with an old man for an owner, whom he saw as his father.


"You raped our forests and poisoned our streams, and now you slaughter our young! We will abide your existence no longer, mankind! You will atone for your sins with blood!"
― Roc, at the wedding in Facade

As the one who gathers the wolves and leads them, Roc is a mixture of nobility and severity. When the pack invaded the King's wedding, it was Roc who killed Fyra. He is the boss fight for the Loyal Cerberus Key.

During the second playthrough it is revealed that Facade used to be a forest that the wolves lived in. 1300 years ago, the leader of wolves used to be a dog. He was raised by an old man, and underwent the Gestalt process, gaining eternal life in the place of his owner. Due to its fond memories of the old man’s care, he wishes to live in peace without coming into conflict with the humanoid Replicants.

However, he understands that those Replicants (Facade's citizens in his experience) have deprived them of their habitat and killed many of their comrades. Still, in a scene with his wolf pack he expresses further desire to live in harmony with Facade's Replicants and even confusion as to why they are oppressed. In the end, however, he realizes that they simply cannot coexist after he returns from an outing to find most of his pack murdered by the men-of-the-mask (Facade's guards)—pack that Roc sees as being helpless children. Enraged at this sight, he decides to lead his pack on a battle to end all battles with the Replicants and ultimately crashes the wedding party of the King of Facade—killing his newly wed wife Fyra. He and his pack are driven out, but they then prepare for a last stand at the wolf den. Roc asks his remaining pack if they would like to flee, but they all opt to die with honor as opposed to making an escape. When the King, men-of-the-mask, and Nier all attack at the wolf den, all the wolves are slaughtered, including Roc. As the King of Facade strikes the killing blow to the pack leader Roc, he utters his final words: "What did we do... to deserve such a fate?"

Roc has a final memory as he is dying—of when the old man who was his original owner was about to pass away. He told Roc that he had lived too long, but his furry friend still had life in him. He thanked him for being a good friend, and said to think of him every now and then and to go see the world. Roc dies saying, "My..... father..."




  • Its name comes from the huge bird Roc that Sinbad meets in the Arabian Nights.
  • Roc is the only known animal to become a Gestalt. This could imply that any of the other animals seen in the game could possibly be Replicants.