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The Sealed Verses are powerful spells in the world of NIER and can be learned by Grimoire Weiss and therefore accessed by Nier. They are acquired throughout the first part of the game in the course of the main story, most of the time by defeating certain bosses. They grant new magic attacks to Nier and play an important role in the story.


Only once Weiss has gathered all 8 lost Sealed Verses, he is able to destroy Grimoire Noir, presumably the source of the Black Scrawl, as told in an ancient song, sung and translated by Devola.

"When the great black book, Grimoire Noir, plunges the world into chaos... The white book, Grimoire Weiss, will appear with his Sealed Verses. He will then vanquish Grimoire Noir and restore harmony to the world. ...Or so the legend goes."
Popola, describing the Song of the Ancients
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In truth, unbeknownst to Weiss and Nier, the power of the Sealed Verses is used to complete Weiss again, making him ready for his real purpose, to fuse with Grimoire Noir and thus begin the merge of the Replicants and Gestalts following the plan of Project Gestalt.

List of Sealed Verses