Simone (also known as Beauvoir in some non-English releases) is a main story boss unit in NieR:Automata. She is themed around an opera performer with attacks and actions synced to her musical performance.


A Goliath-class machine lifeform modeled after an opera singer, this unit attacked foes using the repurposed bodies of living androids. Obsessed with a certain other machine lifeform, she put great thought into her appearance - even going so far as to cannibalize her own kind. Alas, such garish decorations only ended up being a spectacular display of poor taste. Her search for beauty eventually led to her demise when she attacked 2B and 9S.


  • Simone has a wide array of attacks such as a wave of energy (similar to the Wave pod program).
  • Getting within melee range forces Simone to reveal a hidden machine underneath her mechanical dress which performs melee attacks.
  • Another common attack is her use of slow ring-like projectiles which infect the player, causing them to commit to a hacking puzzle to escape.
  • Halfway through the encounter, Simone summons the bodies of near-death androids which also have the above-mentioned wave and ring attacks.
  • The less health Simone has the more enraged she becomes, increasing the rate of her attacks.
  • Many of her attacks are synchronized with specific parts of her boss theme.


  • She is named after French feminist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir, famous for saying "We aren't born woman, we become one." The real Simone's surname Beauvoir translates literally from French as "beautiful" (Beau) "to see" (voir), and like Simone in the game, she was in love with Jean-Paul Sartre. The real-life Beauvoir and Sartre were in an open polyamorous relationship, in which he was known to be jealous of her other suitors.
  • Cutscenes during Route B reveal Simone was originally a Small Stubby, who over time cannibalized parts from other Machines to upgrade herself into her present form.

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