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"Wanna help out the village blacksmith?
Um... I don't have much. The request is a bit vague.

"The Damaged Map" is a quest in NieR and NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139.... A treasure map given to Nier turns out to have lead to a pile of junk; he then has to choose between exchanging the blacksmith's wife's hair ornament for gold, or keeping it. Either option will make the blacksmith give Nier his very first map.

This quest is only available during the second half of the game.


  • Speak to the Blacksmith in the Village any time after unpetrifying Kainé.
    • As Popola appears in this quest, the player must first gain access to the ferry through her beforehand.

Quest log[]

  • The blacksmith has asked you to find a treasure map. Where would you look for such a thing...?
  • The map is heavily damaged. Perhaps Facade's strange-thing store would be able to restore it.
  • Gather three drops of machine oil, three eggplants, and three goat hides to repair the map.
  • The map has been restored. Bring it to the client.
  • The man's wife asked you to search for the treasure in place of her husband. Bring the map to Popola to have her decipher it for you.
  • According to the map, the treasure is inside the Lost Shrine, in a place where sunlight does not reach.
  • You found the treasure, but it turned out to be worthless. Report back to the client's wife.
  • (if the ornament is exchanged) You gave the client the gold you got in exchange for the hair ornament.
  • The client gave you a treasure map. It might be worthless, but perhaps a trip to Popola's is in order to see if she can decipher it.
  • The map apparently depicts "the start of a steel bridge".
  • You found treasure in the northern plains. What do you know? It seems real treasure maps do exist.