The Tower is a large structure made by the machines. It appears to be constructed from the same materials as the Copied City, and is supported by columns spread across the overworld. It emerges from underground in Chapter 11 and is the final destination players will encounter in NieR:Automata.

The Tower is available for access as both A2 and 9S.


The elevator entrance to the Tower is located within the crater left behind after the Goliath attack that took place within the City Ruins. It is unlocked via hacking the three sub-nodes located near the entrance which in turn require the use of the three Access Release Keys found within the Resource Recovery Units. This is done as 9S.

Points of Interest

Tower Entrance.png
Access to the tower requires three nodes to be unlocked. Any intruder is greeted by a horde of machines. Devola and Popola assist 9S when attempting to enter, and succumb to their wounds from the ensuing battle. Upon going inside, Pod 153 retrieves the twins' memories from a data server.

Tower Node.png
Each node must be unlocked using its respective key. Each of them will have to be acquired from their respective Resource Recovery Units as 9S.

Tower Stairs.png
The only way to advance up the tower, this strange staircase is guarded by corrupted YoRHa units.

Tower Ambush.png
Upon entering, 9S is greeted by an army of 2B copies. He falls through a cracked floor tile upon inspecting the last copy still breathing.

Tower Red Girl.png
Reaching another floor reveals another trap, laid out by a copy of the Red Girls. After defeating the wave of machines, the player is rewarded with (Top Secret) YoRHa Disposal.

Tower Flight Unit.png
A squadron of YoRHa flight units engage 9S. After disposing of them, he pilots one himself to continue the climb toward the peak.

Tower Elevator.png
After A2 rids herself of the hacker threat, she begins to ride the elevator to the top of the tower, fending off the Goliath-class machine Ko-Shi.

Tower Flight.png
Using the flight unit, 9S takes on the Goliath-class machine Ro-Shi.

Tower Summit.png
Both androids reach their destination and reluctantly work together to defeat the Goliath-class machine lifeform Ko-Shi & Ro-Shi. During this fight, the player perspective constantly shifts, becoming more frequent as the machine loses health.

Tower Peak.png
The threat eliminated, the androids once again confront each other at the top of the tower. The player makes a decision as to which character to control and receive a different ending based on this.

Tower Ending C.png
As A2, she slices off 9S's replacement arm and proceeds to remove the virus from his system.

9S's memories.png
As 9S, he defeats A2, but slips onto 2B's sword in the process. While he loses consciousness, he is greeted by the machines preparing to leave Earth.

Once Endings C and D have been obtained, the player can then choose to have Pod 042 blast through the credits in an attempt to preserve YoRHa's remaining data.


  • The Tower is likely an allusion to the Tower of Babel.
    • Similarly, its renewed function to fire an ark to a new world could be a reference to Noah's Ark.
  • Ending E shares the same phrasing as Drakengard's Ending E (the [E]nd of the dragon sphere).