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  • I live in Not America
  • My occupation is Voice Actress, Artist, Video Editor, Wiki-cleaner
  • I am Female

Hello, my name is DuchessDream; I am an admin and mod on the NieR wiki.

Any and all wiki I contribute to is done so with organization, accuracy and quality in mind. I often upload high-resolution images in place of low-resolution.

I often like to fill in missing information, especially information that has to do with merchandise i.e books, soundtracks, DVD/Blu-ray, etc.

I consider info-gathering, organization and design my strong points.

My NieR:Automata Experience Edit

I downloaded the demo sometime in 2016 and was almost instantly taken with it. The combat was fun and cool, the world and characters were intriguing and the game was over all visually beautiful. When I bought the game, I was obsessed. The heart-wrenching feeling of both the story and the music was amazing to me.

My Favourite Wikis (and My Status)Edit

Admin , Bureaucrat & Mod Edit

Member Edit

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