Virtuous Dignity is a weapon in NieR:Automata.


This pure white spear shines with the pride of the haughty samurai who once bore it.


  • Located in the sewer that connects the City Ruins and the Amusement Park (unlocked after completing The Machine Surge). Near the ladder that leads up to the Amusement Park, there is a hole in the wall of debris—through it is a path to another ladder which leads to a hidden area containing the spear.

Weapon Story

The elegant white spear was crafted by a tyrant as a gift for his wife—whose parents he had killed years earlier. She slipped it under the bed they shared, then later used it to run him through 30 times.

The spear's second owner was a courageous, bandit-fighting mayor. In her later years, her strength faded, until one night, a pack of young thugs surrounded her and took all she had—including her life.

The third owner was a greedy merchant who lived to swindle customers. Soon, she found herself shunned and penniless, and so decided to hang herself. The unused spear rested in a corner of her home as a decoration.

The fourth owner was a meek, young man who wanted to aid his sickly younger sister. He gave all to this cause—including his very existence and that of all else in the world.