Weapons are used by 2B, 9S, and A2 to combat foes in NieR: Automata. Weapons can either be bought from various merchants or found across the world. There are four types of weapons: small swords, large swords, spears, and combat bracers. They can be accessed through the Menu.

List of Weapons Edit

Bare fists
Bare Fists Unarmed
Small Swords
Faith A sword wielded by a loyal attendant.
Iron Pipe
Iron Pipe A common iron pipe.
Phoenix Dagger A ritual item made from the plume of a phoenix.
Type 40 sword
Type-4O Sword The latest YoRHa model.
Type-3 Sword An outdated YoRHa model.
Beastbane A sword with the king of beasts as its motif.
Ancient Overlord
Ancient Overlord A sword with a strange and uncomfortable aura.
Virtuous contract-0
Virtuous Contract A white blade used by samurai of the East.
Cruel Oath
Cruel Oath A black blade used by warriors of the East.
YoRHa-issue Blade
YoRHa-issue Blade A standard-issue YoRHa sword.
Machine Sword
Machine Sword A sword wielded by machine lifeforms.
Engine Blade A magical blade used by a royal family.
Cypress stick
Cypress Stick A stick made of cypress wood.
Large Swords
Iron Will
Iron Will A colossal iron blade.
Fang of the Twins
Fang of the Twins A colossal axe offered unto the gods.
Beastlord A greatsword shaped after the king of beasts.
Phoenix Sword
Phoenix Sword A greatsword made from the plume of a phoenix.
Type-40 Blade
Type-4O Blade The latest YoRHa model.
Type-3 Blade
Type-3 Blade An outdated YoRHA model.
Virtuous Treaty
Virtuous Treaty A white katana used by samurai of the East.
Cruel blood oath-0
Cruel Blood Oath A black katana kept by warrior monks of the East.
Machine Axe
Machine Axe An axe used by machine lifeforms.
Phoenix Lance
Phoenix Lance A spear made from the plume of a phoenix.
Beastcurse A spear with the king of beasts as its motif.
Dragoon Lance
Dragoon Lance Symbol of the bond between a lord and an old dragon.
Spear of the Usurper
Spear of the Usurper A spear used by a price's double to murder his liege.
Type-40 Lance
Type-4O Lance The latest YoRHa model.
Type-3 Lance
Type-3 Lance An outdated YoRHa model.
Virtuous Dignity-0
Virtuous Dignity A white spear used by samurai of the East.
Cruel Arrogance
Cruel Arrogance A black spear used by warrior monks of the East.
Machine Spear
Machine Spear A spear used by machine lifeforms.
Combat Bracers
Angel's Folly-0
Angel's Folly Weapons shaped after an angel's holy wings.
Demon's Cry
Demon's Cry Weapons shaped after a demon's profane fangs.
Type-40 Fists-0
Type-4O Fists The latest YoRHa models.
Type-3 Fists-0
Type-3 Fists Outdated YoRHa models.
Virtuous Grief
Virtuous Grief Weapons made of white armor from the East.
Cruel Lament-0
Cruel Lament Weapons made of black armor from the East.
Machine heads
Machine Heads Weapons made from machine lifeform's heads.
Emil Heads
Emil Heads Unique weapons shaped like Emil's head.